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Anxiety strikes 5% of the total household population. The cumulative effect of multiple stressors can cause symptoms such as chronic worry, insecurity, and a frightening feeling of vulnerability. Panic accompanied by sweaty palms, pounding heart, cycling thoughts, shortness of breath, and other physical symptoms, can interfere with our ability to function and enjoy life.

Whether one’s experience of anxiety is acute or chronic, and is caused by separation, phobias, social anxiety, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), or post traumatic stress…

Anxiety and Depression Counselling is helpful for:

  • Learning essential relaxation techniques that support a stable nervous system, one that is less vulnerable to triggers
  • Embodying a more mindful, less reactive stance in relation to physical symptoms
  • Identifying “mental tapes” that fuel emotional reactivity and non-adaptive behaviours
  • Providing Cognitive Behavioural worksheets, tools, and other exercises that over time change thinking patterns, and contribute to emotional stability, and positive behaviour choices.
  • Explore underlying issues that may play a pivotal role in onset of anxiety
  • Benefit from internal and external resources (strengths, abilities, skills, experiences, habits, and key relationships, as well as creative, spiritual, intellectual, and somatic anchors) that can be used to rewire adaptive choices

Break free of Depression

2013-09-22 13.24.11Depression is characterized by intense melancholy, sadness, lack of energy, lethargy, loneliness, isolation, and a pervasive sense of despondence and hopelessness.

Some researchers argue that anxiety and depression are like two sides of the same coin. Though very different, both anxiety and depression wreak havoc with the nervous system but on opposite ends of the arousal spectrum.

While anxiety increases hyperarousal resulting in symptoms such as increased muscle tension and rigidity, increased heart rate, palpitations, light-headedness, chest pain, shortness of breath, and other symptoms, depression pushes the nervous system toward a state of hypoarousal which makes pulling out of it exceedingly difficult.

While in the grip of depression, it is common to feel disconnected from others, from your own body, and even from life itself.

Depression can sabotage our ability to reach out for help, take care of our essential needs, speak, move, or take an interest in things which used to give us pleasure and purpose.

Those who suffer from depression struggle with feelings of guilt, pessimism, worthlessness, and may even contemplate suicide as a way out.

Many, many people have fought depression and won. You can be one of them.

With Anxiety and Depression Counselling, I can help you to:

  • Locate yourself in the gap between you and depression
  • Recognize the mutually reinforcing relationship between thoughts, emotions and behaviors, and actively deconstruct irrational, self-sabotaging beliefs
  • Reconnect with your unique pathways of resilience
  • Anchor yourself in the strengths, abilities, skills, experiences, habits, and relationships that can catalyze motivation and restore hope
  • Rediscover creative, spiritual, intellectual, and somatic impulses
  • Use mindfulness, breath, and movement to sequence, and embody transformative impulses
  • Cultivate mindfulness to strip sensations of their emotional charge, and get relief from debilitating symptoms
  • Create new, more mindful neural pathways that put you in charge of your life
  • Deepen loving kindness and self compassion

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I can help you cultivate mindfulness to strip sensations of their emotional charge, and get relief from debilitating symptoms.