Your Supervision Journey

Whether you are a New, or Experienced Therapist, or Practicum Student, I can provide you with the optimal level of support, training, and encouragement to  develop and expand your clinical skills, be confident to tackle ethical and legal issues, feel free to be yourself and more fulfilled in your clinical work.

My Supervision Background

In the earlier part of my career I received Gestalt and AEDP focused supervision. Since 2017 I’ve benefitted from ISTDP supervision with with more Senior ISTDP Therapists, in ISTDP core training, with peers, and in group supervision . More recently I receive supervision in relational psychoanalysis, and Integrative ISTDP.

My Supervision Approach

In my view effective Supervision requires flexibility and adaptation.

I aim to listen well so I can get an in depth understanding of my Supervisee’s level of experience, needs, and goals in order to provide a structure that facilitates growth and skill development.

Toward this end I draw from a post-modern approach in which my Supervisee and I develop case conceptualization and clinical interventions through a process which includes connection, collaboration, and co-construction.

Throughout this dynamic process I move fluidly between the role of Teacher, Supporter, Colleague, Advocate, and Consultant based on my Supervisee’’s needs.

My priority and responsability is to foster Supervisee competence, and to safeguard the wellbeing of their clients.

Drawing from the Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision, I attend to the relational and systemic dynamics that unfold between my Supervisee and their Client (transference and countertransference), between my Supervisee and myself, and the interplay between the two.

Eight Domains from the Integrated Developmental Model of Supervision

Using the Eight Domains from the Integrated Developmental Model of Supervision, I assess my Supervisee’s development based on their:

      • Theoretical orientation
      • Client problem conceptualization
      • Treatment goals and plans
      • Interpersonal assessment
      • Intervention skill competencies
      • Assessment techniques
      • Individual differences
      • Professional ethics

Goals of Supervision

The main objective of Supervision is to enhance the Supervisee’s clinical knowledge and abilities so they can feel more confident, and can better serve their clients and feel more fulfilled in their therapeutic work.

I am attentive to Supervisee development in key areas of competence, such as:

      • Enhanced listening skills
      • Clinical thinking skills, including the ability to reflect on clinical material
      • Attention to transference signals to guide response to intervention
      • Self awareness of countertransference to form a hypothesis about the therapeutic relationship
      • How to spot signs of the unconscious therapeutic alliance (UTA)
      • Applying attachment theory and relational concepts to the client to deepen understanding of clinical process and effective intervention.
      • Psychodiagnosis of client anxiety (Striated, Smooth, Cognitive Perceptual Disruption/CPD), and their system of resistance (Isolation of Affect, Repression, or Projection).
      • Awareness of ethical issues and cultural competence.
      • Tailoring interventions to the client based on client’s level of anxiety, and system of resistance.
      • Skill development in therapeutic approaches to enhance Supervisee therapeutic strengths, and competence (EFT/PACT with couples, IFS, Gestalt, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Attachment and Body-Centered interventions, etc.)
      • Self-of-the-Therapist work – use of genogram to highlight family of origin themes, and  POTT (Person of the Therapist Supervision Instrument) will be offered to promote self reflection, and awareness of signature themes that may impact Supervisee’s therapeutic potential.

If you are a Practicing Professional, you can learn more about how I can support you in meeting your supervision goals, by reviewing my Professional Disclosure Statement and Contract.

If you are a Practicum Student seeking an internship site, you can learn more about how I can support you in meeting your practicum goals by reviewing my Professional Disclosure Statement for Clinical Supervision with Intern Practicum Student Counsellor and Contract

Please note that certain aspects of the Supervision Contract can be revised to reflect your needs and preferences.