Get the most out of your relationship with couples therapy


Hiking couple looking at map hiking in forestAccording to studies done by researchers from Harvard and Yale, the ability to be mindful enhances mood regulation, attentiveness, and empathy, all of which are essential in a healthy intimate relationship.

Couples who develop distress tolerance, and engage in self-soothing exercises can turn their defensive responses into ones that support:

  • Conscious pursuit of understanding and change
  • Stress reduction and rejuvenation
  • Emotional accessibility

With couples therapy, I can help you and your spouse/partner to:

  • Recognize and take responsibility for habits that sabotage your relationship
  • Identify underlying needs, worries, fears and insecurities that fuel blame and defensiveness
  • Embody the ability to be emotionally attuned and present for each other
  • Weed out and transform what Gottman Couples Therapy calls the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” (criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stone walling)
  • Connect with the values that you share separately and together
  • Learn how to negotiate needs in a calm and respectful manner
  • Bring the spark, and playful charm back into your relationship

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