Kind Words

Thank you, Joelle, for facilitating and supporting me through difficult and profound change this year. You provided me a safe space to grow.

By learning to identify anxiety and exploring the feelings underneath, I live everyday with less anxiety and more ease. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say I’m 75% less anxious (amazing) and 50% more confident and at ease. It’s a fantastic improvement. I understand better the role trauma plays in my life. I’ve also had a glimpse into the fortress. All of this has improved the quality of my life.

Thank you again, I appreciate you. I’ll be sure to reach out again when the time comes.

J.Y. (December 2021)

Hi Joelle,

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for your support the past (almost) 3 years. Next week we will be moving home. I’ve got a new job there and we are so excited to be closer to our families and friends from the past.

I have grown and changed tremendously. The last couple of years have seen some of the biggest transitions – finally saying goodbye to the last of my self damaging coping mechanisms and learning to be gentler, kinder, and more forgiving to myself. Even starting to feel some love and appreciation for myself and my body, especially while navigating the journey of pregnancy and new motherhood.

There is still growing to be done (but that’s true for everyone!) and I feel so grateful for having had your grounding and supportive presence in helping me move out of the fragmented trauma mind I was living in. The work now is easier, less urgent, and I’m truly able to enjoy my life.

Thank you. You are a wonderful person and an asset to your profession. Your sons are also incredibly lucky to have you as their mother.

S.B. (Client, July 2019)

“You have been an important and critical source of support for _________. I know he has worked hard in therapy. You have challenged and pushed him to discover himself and to become an autonomous and independent young adult. He is well prepared for this next step in his life and I know you have been instrumental in helping him to reach this place.”

P.C. Father of client, August 2016

“Joelle, today is my 6 month anniversary. I am happy to report that all is well with me, and I have so much to be grateful for. Thanks again for all your help and support.”

E.B., Client in successful recovery, August 2016

“Joelle, my therapy experience with you was pivotal for me.  

Through our work I was able to connect with myself on an emotional level that previous therapy, though helpful at the time, did not reach.

Your approach of connecting to emotions through the body was very impactful.  

You made me feel safe, and brought a perspective of challenging my own thoughts that I needed.

I would never have thought to challenge the “critic” but now when I’m faced with problems, I am more equipped to deal with them. I feel more confident in tackling extreme career changes, and the smaller confidence challenges are less of a problem.

I see our time together as being a major factor in feeling better and moving more fluidly through negative beliefs, and overcoming them.

I now find myself in a mutually loving, supportive relationship, and have a good outlook on many things. Within the challenges that I face sometimes, I know the answers are here as long as I am brave enough to challenge myself.”

CC, Client April 2015

“A friend of mine referred me to Joelle when I was feeling like I needed to work through some emotional blockages. I have been the recipient of other forms of therapy in the past, but nothing has worked so well for me as my yoga therapy sessions with Joelle. In a short amount of time we were able to tap into some powerful feelings, beliefs, etc. and in doing so, I had the opportunity to gain some new perspectives by focusing my attention on the mind as well as my body. I whole heartedly recommend Joelle to anyone seeking growth and transformation through awareness.” 

J.B., Client September 2015

“Working with Joelle was a very positive experience. She really helped us in a very meaningful way by setting a respectful tone so that everyone felt heard and valued. Joelle stepped in when things could have escalated, or were getting a bit off track and redirected the conversation in a really respectful and appropriate manner.” 

Myriam D, client in June 2014

“Joelle brings a compassionate, genuine approach complemented by skill and expertise in her profession.  She offers the opportunity to explore in a safe environment as well as support to strive in becoming ourselves more fully!”

Aila Morgan, HR Consultant, Spacial Dynamics Practitioner & former yoga student

“Joelle creates a nurturing environment where you feel heard and cared for.  Joelle changed my life. She was able to see the many layers that were hiding deep inside, and affecting the way I functioned in life.  Therapy with Joelle was the turning point that helped me to face and accept the past, and begin to heal. Joelle is gifted, and I would strongly recommend her to my friends or loved ones”

SA, client in 2012

“Thank you for all the guidance you have given me. When I look back to where I was at the beginning of our sessions, I realize just how far I’ve come, and you have been a huge part of that. Thank you for giving me the tools to ground myself, and find peace during hard times. I know what you taught me will help me for years to come”

B.K., client in 2013

“Thank you for all your help, support, and guidance through this very difficult journey. It is very much appreciated”

B.D., client in 2013