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The experience of trauma overwhelms our ability to cope.

Symptoms such as disturbing bodily sensations, dysregulating emotions, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, and nightmares can persist, and give survivors the feeling that the trauma continues to live in their body long after the original traumatic event has passed.

When traumatic symptoms persist it is often because the body got stuck in a survival response.

When the limbic system is activated during a traumatic event, the fight-or-flight response is triggered which increases heart rate, narrows our perceptive field, increases blood flow and muscle tension, and causes stress hormones to be released.

Dissociative symptoms, such as feeling disconnected to one’s body, or having gaps in consciousness, can also show up in cases of post traumatic stress, and tend to result from traumatic scenarios in which the freeze response occurred.

The same survival impulses that were adaptive during a traumatic event, can interfere with one’s ability to live a full life.

You can find relief from disruptive symptoms, feel safe, and enjoy life again.

With trauma counselling, I can help you to:

  • Develop resources (somatic, cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and creative) to help you feel grounded and safe
  • Gain a felt sense of your boundaries that help keep you safe
  • Understand where you are within your window of tolerance so that you can keep yourself safe from triggers that perpetuate distressing symptoms
  • Begin to process the trauma safely and in small, manageable steps
  • Be empowered so that you can engage active defenses that move trauma out of the body
  • Reconnect with your wholeness, well being, and the energy you need to make your hopes and dreams flourish

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I can help you find relief from disruptive symptoms, feel safe, and enjoy life again.