What to Expect

When you come to see me for your first Counselling session, we will already have had a chance to speak on the phone, and have your questions answered.

Prior to, or during our first session you will complete intake and informed consent forms that provide the information necessary to facilitate the process.

In my office you will find a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

During our first and subsequent sessions, you will get a chance to get things off your chest without being interrupted.

My body language and responses will provide a compassionate, empathic, and trusting space.

During the our time together you will find the process of therapy can be nurturing, creative, challenging, and inspiring.

You will feel included and consulted about the pace of our work, the topics we explore, and how we move forward.

In me you will find a caring professional who believes that you can transform unhelpful habits, and let go of self-sabotaging beliefs.

I work with you to harness the strengths and solutions that are inside you to guide you forward.