Your path to positive body image starts HERE.

Our body image is how we see ourselves when we look in the mirror or picture ourselves in our minds. It encompasses our beliefs, memories, feelings, and assumptions about our appearance. A Positive body image moves us toward pleasure, joy, and playful spontaneity.

We were not born feeling ashamed of our body. When we were babies with plump, dimpled legs, we were curious about our bodies. Touching, moving and exploring was delightful, and we never felt defective, inadequate, critical, self conscious, or insecure.

Body shame is internalized oppression rooted in systemic forces.

Society trains us to believe that our worth is determined by an external, fixed definition of beauty and acceptability. Advertising convinces us to spend money on things like make up, clothing, facial products, anti-ageing and cosmetic surgery to reach this external image. Parents, teachers, and peers often reinforce this fear, lack, and deficit mentality.

Body Dysmorphia: A Symptom of Deeper, Unresolved Wounds

Body dysmorphia, a distorted perception of our shape and size, negatively impacts many women, men, and trans persons. Constant worry about appearance, comparison with others, self judgement, obsessive attention on or avoidance of mirrors, and relentless efforts to conceal what we perceive as our “flawed” body parts can deplete our joy and love for life.

You don’t have to languish in silent agony with body dysmorphia and a negative body image.  You can get freedom from disordered eating, exercise addiction, depression, isolation, low self-esteem, self disgust and personal failure in relation to your body.

Don’t let body shame steal another moment of your precious life energy!

You can take the first step toward a respectful relationship with your body.

Positive body image is a loving and empowering relationship with our bodies that is based on who we are rather than what we look like. As a result we feel more secure, and naturally move toward healthy choices and relationships.

Everyone deserves to be at peace with their body regardless of its shape, size, or appearance.

When we have a Positive Body Image we contribute to an inclusive world where all bodies are honoured regardless of their shape and size.

In Positive Body Image individual and group sessions you will:

  • Gain support, encouragement, tools, and practices to cultivate self compassion and wellbeing.
  • Reclaim your Body Positive Self
  • Develop a respectful relationship with your body.
  • Understand the personal, political, and financial forces that drive body shame.
  • Explore the logic and function of the critical, body-shaming voice within you
  • Uncover sources of resilience to intergenerational mechanisms of body shame
  • Understand and heal underlying attachment injuries and traumas that drive body shame.
  • Discover tools to recognize and self soothe in the midst of vulnerable emotions
  • Restore confidence, comfort, and fierce love for the body you have
  • Become a Positive Body Image ambassador promoting inclusive body culture for all people of all shapes and sizes.
  • Adopt a stance of fierce love against the forces of racism, sexism, ableism, homo- and transphobia, ageism, and fatphobia.

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