Clinical Case Consultation

As Therapists we strive to be genuine, and tailor the approaches we’ve been trained in to meet the needs of the unique, and multifaceted people we work with.

Of course it’s important to listen well and validate our client’s experience, but for meaningful change to occur our clients need our help to defeat patterns like self neglect, self attack, impulsivity, reactivity, anxiety, and a host of other issues that perpetuate suffering.

Our ability to track client responses is a moment to moment process.

There’s so much to take in when we are in session with a client – not only what they say, and their body language and non verbal cues, but the narrative they have about themselves and others.

Videotaping and reviewing our clinical work helps us to listen better, work smarter, and achieve better outcomes in less time. Video provides real data that doesn’t allow our subjectivity to alter the truth of what actually occurred in session, and gives us insight into missed opportunities and micro ruptures, as well as what is working well with our clients.

I offer clinical case consultation with video, audio, or case notes.

Your own unresolved emotional material will inevitably get activated in your work with clients, especially with clients who are cut off from their healthy will, give up on themselves, get mired in self attack, or blame you for their lack of investment in therapy.

Being aware of your countertransference, and what underlies it, can help you move through blocks, and strengthen the therapeutic alliance which is the foundation of your work with clients.


Am I the Right Clinical Consultant for You?

I will help you:

  • Collaborate to set an agenda for you to get what you want and need out of our sessions.
  • Clarify what your clients want out of therapy.
  • Strengthen your “here and now” observation skills so that you can respond to your clients with clarity and confidence.
  • See beyond your client’s story to the underlying defense mechanisms and coping strategies that helped them survive hardship and trauma.
  • Work in the transference with your client, and help them gain clarity and motivation to address the unhelpful patterns that show up with you and others in their lives.
  • Strengthen the therapeutic alliance by helping your clients see and turn against self sabotauging mechanisms.
  • Gain confidence to remain present with your clients feelings, needs, and their emotional truth so that they can move forward in their lives and relationships.
  • Understand and move through the stuck places within yourself that arise with your clients.

Let’s connect about how I can support your growth as a therapist.