Welcome to Centrepoint Psychotherapy, a place where individuals, couples, and families can receive integrative treatment that reconnects body, mind, and spirit to the well spring of the heart.

Are you feeling:

• Isolated, anxious, frustrated, discouraged, angry, fearful, worried, depressed, or overwhelmed?
• Do you know you want more from life but don’t know where to begin?
• You CAN feel truly alive, and in touch with the real you that says YES to LIFE!

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Say YES, and begin your Journey to a confident, thriving, and Authentic You.

Life’s too short to:

• Feel stuck in an out of control cycle?
• Avoid intimacy, and constantly push away the love you want?
• Wrestle with an overpowering sense of sadness?
• Feel like your self esteem has gone into hiding?
• Lack purpose, meaning, and spiritual connection?
• Being overpowered by the inner critic?
• Feel your self worth is taking a beating?
• Constantly feel tight, tense, stressed, and frustrated with everything?
• Be overwhelmed by disturbing bodily sensations/memories?
• Feel like you’ve neglected the most important person, YOU?
• Constantly feel down and depleted?
• Suffer from old hurts and traumas?
• Feel like you’re always running from your problems?

Let’s talk about how working with me can help you to shift to:

• Feel lighter, more calm and grounded.
• Effectively deal with emotional upsets.
• Learn evidence-based strategies that help you to achieve your goals.
• Recognize what you can and can’t control.
• Use your body and mind to establish healthy boundaries for yourself.
• Both honour and move beyond patterns that have sabotaged your well being and relationships.
• Benefit from a more relaxed and curious perspective about yourself.
• Get clear about the impact of negative beliefs.
• Transform unhelpful patterns rooted in early relationships dynamics.
• Expose the inner Critic that gets in the way of a compassionate inner dialogue and positive sense of self.
• experiment with new ways of being that restore your enthusiasm for life.

If your intention to heal from old hurts and embrace life is too urgent to ignore.

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It’s never easy to take the first steps toward the changes we desire. When change feels scary, we can get stuck in painful and dissatisfying patterns because at least they’re familiar.

Discomfort and fear of the unknown are understandable when embarking on a new path, but they don’t have to stand in your way.

Whatever experiences have brought you to this point, and whatever challenges you face, my focus is to understand your needs, and to work with you on what’s important.

I am dedicated to working with you so you are in the driver’s seat in creating the life you truly want.

Choosing the right therapist is a very important decision, and I want to make sure that you choose the right one for you.

Let’s talk and find out if I might be what you’re looking for.

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