Therapeutic yoga is a place for kids to grow and thrive!

Therapeutic yoga is a place for kids to grow and thrive!

An inclusive, multi-sensory class that helps kids manage their emotions, and deepen their Still, Quiet Place

Next cycle: Saturdays, May 6th to June 24th, 2017 – no class on May 20th.
Time: 1:00-2:00pm
Where: Kensington Community Centre, 5175 Dumfries St.

* Children with Autism, and developmental or behavioural challenges are welcome pending a preregistration interview with Joelle.

* Parents have the option to attend with their child.

This class gives children aged 5 to 11 years (or similar developmental level) a space to regain their sense of calm, and learn to manage emotions through kid-friendly mindfulness practices and dialogue, yoga stories, games, role play, imagination, and music.

For more information on this group, email me, or call 604-788-2804.

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Individualized Therapeutic Yoga/Mindfulness/Social Emotional Learning Sessions for Kids with Special Needs/Autism Spectrum:

45 minute individualized sessions that cater to children with sensory processing, anxiety, impulse control, social communication, and attention deficit issues. For more information, please email me or phone 604-788-2804.

Mindful parenting helps us cultivate compassion for our own and our child's emotions

Mindful parenting helps us cultivate compassion for our own and our child’s emotions

8 week Mindful Parenting Program

Based on the Mindful Parenting Program developed by Susan Bogels and Kathleen Restifo, parents will gain an introduction to the philosophy and practice of mindful parenting so they can experience less stress, better emotional regulation, and greater attunement and closeness with their special needs/Autistic child.



Session I: Automatic Parenting
Session II: Beginner’s Mind Parenting
Session III: Reconnecting with Our Body as a Parent
Session IV: Responding vs Reacting to Parenting Stress
Session V: Parenting Patterns & Schemas
Session VI: Conflict & Parenting
Session VII: Love & Limits – Cultivating Compassion and Setting Limits
Session VIII: Are We There Yet? A Mindful Path Through Parenting

If you would like to participate in the next Mindful Parenting course, please email me, or call 604-788-2804.

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