Wake up to your true self!

Our morning ritual is a powerful tool to embody our Supercharge! vision of life.

A morning ritual is a way to start your day consciously. YOU create your morning ritual – your personal recipe for purifying your body, mind, spirit, and honing your commitment to manifest your Supercharge! life vision…

Over the years meditation has been the foundation of my morning ritual, as well as daily yoga practice, and journaling when I had time.

In this blog post I share my expanded morning ritual which includes specific steps to catalyze key attitudes, beliefs, and goals that Supercharge! your day and life!

This inspiration came after I watched Tony Robbins do active meditations in the new documentary about him titled, I Am Not Your Guru.

Having done years of more quiet, reflective, less goal-focused meditation, I was intrigued with the idea that my morning ritual could be a powerful instrument to shape my day, week, month, year, and life vision for what I truly want to create.

I did a little searching and found this blog at projectlifemastery.com which gave me some ideas to help me develop my own morning ritual.

Below I share the steps for my current Supercharge! morning ritual which I know will evolve over time.

My hope is that something here may resonate with you, and give you some inspiration for crafting your own Supercharge! morning ritual to unleash your best self!


Step 1: Respect my time so this is doable and not a source of stress!

Wake up early enough to do my morning ritual, and if I’m short on time, do an abbreviated version of what follows that includes the steps that feel most important in the moment.

Step 2: Hydrate and Gift my Gut

Take a good probiotic on an empty stomach and drink one or two glasses of warm lemon water either before or during my morning routine.

Our gut is where we assimilate nutrients, and send what we don’t need for elimination.

A good probiotic helps to infuse the gut with healthy bacteria.

Lemon water alcholizes our system for optimal Ph balance. There’s lots of evidence that our Ph balance is the foundation of a healthy immune system.

Step 3: Self-Compassion

Sit down on my yoga mat or seat in a space that’s uncluttered and prepped for my morning ritual. 

This does not mean clean my entire house! I have children – that could take all day!

Push juvenille debris into the corner, quick sweep, and get to it!

I place one hand on my belly, and one hand on my chest, and bring awareness to how I feel. I soften into whatever I feel in a compassionate, and self-soothing way.

If I went through something difficult the previous day, or have a stressful situation that I’m dealing with, self-compassion helps me to be with what is, and focus on what nurtures and sustains me.

(For more help with Self-Compassion, I highly recommend Kristin Neff and Brene Brown’s amazing course, Self-Compassion – it’s beautiful and transformative!)

Focusing on the rhythm of my breath and the sensations in my body, I listen to what I’m taking in/ releasing – i.e. the weight of my pelvis on the ground, spine, sounds in and outside the room.

Step 4: Priming Meditation

Sit upright with arms out at sides, bent at the elbows, with palms facing forward. Inhale and exhale through the nose while pumping the arms up on the inhale, and down on the exhale. This way of breathing is a yogic technique called kapalabhati breathing which means, kapala= skull, and bhati=to shine – it literally makes your head shiny!

Part 1: Gratitude

While doing this 30x, I think of three things that I am grateful for, two of them should be things that I might take for granted:


  1. Tops of trees outside my window
  2. My fingers
  3. Health in my body

Part 2: Manifest What I Want

Repeat the arm movements and breathing while thinking about three things that I want to create in my life today, next week/month/year or at any time.

I focus on the three things and visualize them as if they are real – I see, taste, smell, hear, and feel myself having these things right now.


  1. Abundance
  2. Quality time and attention for my kids
  3. Being an instrument for my own, and others health & well being

Do 30x more priming breaths.

Step 5: Just Meditate

Vipassana meditation, seeing things clearly as they are, is being fully present with thoughts, sensations, impulses, and emotions in a non-reactive way.

Through this practice I realize that my experience is constantly morphing and fleeting.

When I can experience emptiness beyond the relentless ebb and flow of change, I feel full – there’s no separation.

Of course, no meditation is ever the same as the one before, or the one that follows.

If you expect that you’re going to feel emptiness or anything else, you’re probably setting yourself up for disappointment.

As my old teacher, Swami Shyam, used to say – “Meditation doesn’t do the work – YOU DO THE WORK!”.

Step 6: Gratitude to Creator

I focus on the Energy source that created me, and I ask for healing power for my day.

Step 7: Movement & Positive Affirmations

Here’s where I get the juices flowing while repeating specific affirmations that challenge and transform self-limiting beliefs.

Most of us have self-limiting beliefs that we may not even be aware of. They are limiting because they are stuck in the past and keep us tethered to ideas that get in the way of our ability to manifest love, abundance and passion in our lives.

To live fully and meet our true potential, we must acknowledge unhelpful beliefs, and transform them by embracing what we truly want.

Music that wakes up your body and soul, as well as jumping, dancing, doing jjacks, or other liberating movements – highly recommended and beneficial!!! GO FOR IT!!!

Here are my positive affirmations to embrace my true potential:

“I, Joelle Lazar, see, hear, feel, and know that I am enough!”

“I, Joelle Lazar, see, hear, feel, and know that I am wise, loving, creative and confident!”

“I, Joelle Lazar, see, hear, feel, and know that I am clear, courageous and manifesting abundance!”

Step 8: Goals

I write down or revisit my goals for the day, week, month or year, and/or reflect on how they connect with my Supercharge! vision for my life.


“Today’s goals:

  1. Today I will spend one hour of creative time sitting with my therapeutic yoga program, practice my therapeutic yoga flow, and come up with 3 of 6 weeks of themes and interventions for my program”.
  2. I will prepare a letter and business cards and identify two health and wellness establishments to visit/network with”.
  3. Prepare nourishing food for my day, bring a water bottle with me wherever I go, and stay off sugar.”

Ultimate Life Vision:

To provide kids on the Autism Spectrum and their families with integrative, holistic, creative programs that nurture mindfulness, harmony, emotional stability, positive communication, growth, and peace of mind.

To feel fulfilled and confident in my work, and to see challenges or obstacles as opportunities for growth.

To experience financial strength that allows me to create positive, nurturing spaces for myself, my family, and for supporting and hosting innovative treatment, workshops, courses, and events that help individuals, couples, families, and children with exceptional abilities to grow and thrive.

To use my strength and growth to serve others with love, respect, and good will, including contributing to those who cannot afford my services due to systemic barriers.

Step 9: Plan the Day

  1. Eat something healthy.
  2. Finish this blog
  3. Spend one hour on my Therapeutic Yoga Program.
  4. Take a shower.
  5. Write intro letter for contacting doctors and other health professionals about my services.
  6. Take a walk.




Love and Blessings,


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